Thank you

Dear YOU,

whoever you are or wherever you are, thank you so much for reading my poetry and other miscellaneous writings.

Although I'm not in any way in a position officially to claim myself to be a monk/nun, from the next year on I'd like to do my best to bring both humility and spiritual serenity into my life. Loneliness has always been my best friend and worst enemy. Through faith I'd like to know much, much more about it and reshape it as a pleasant and lovely solitude.

And I believe, as an Orthodox Christian and Christian existentialist, it is my everlasting duty to appreciate the depth and mystery every little beautiful thing has to offer, and also to pursue the truth which I live and die forーYes, just like him, just like S.A.Kierkegaard, my biggest hero! 


Tusind tak skal du have, 

VanishingEggs x