2021.05.21 Emergency Room

What do you mean, you can't come? 

ーI can't come to the ceremony today because the cistern's broken.

What? What is broken?

ーI said, the cistern isssss broken.

You can't just cancel everything at the last minute like that. And Professor Möller will be here soon. He's been looking forward to seeing you baptised for such a long time. And, which is more important to you anyway, Jesus or the cistern?

ーThe cistern in this case. Unless, of course, our Lord is a plumber or something. You see this is emergency, because I can't flush after I pee, and I'll be in a far bigger trouble if I have a po……

ーI don't want to imagine you dropping your, erm, No. 2, Lucy. I don't want to talk about it here with you now either. Now tell me, how is it broken? 

ーIt's not working. 

I, I, I know it's not working. I said HOW it is broken.

ーIt's not working in the sense it's not working. 

Good grief. I'll come down to see you and have a check, okay? We still have two more hours before the ceremony. You live near Kensington Avenue Station, if I'm correct?

ーYes Mr. Keats.

And which street was it? Your address, please?

ーRoomE8809WestrumbledonSeasidePalaceNearStrognesByTheSea168A567QWc/oMrs. Baldwin.

ーDidn't quite catch that, darling.